The Use of a Compass in Gardening

The Use of a Compass in Gardening

If you have lived long enough in one place, you hardly need a compass. You already know where the sun rises and sets in relation to your landscape, but you have to pay attention when you decide to plant your garden.

You need to use your compass reading to select what to plant in your border as nearly to the limit of your property as possible, or when choosing plants which will thrive in the situations  different parts of your plot provides.

If the best you can do is a border that will be shaded part of the day, select plants that will be happy under those conditions. Check the sunniest portions and put the sun-lovers there. Have a journal and draw your landscape.  Then take notes and drawings of the hours and shaded areas.

Seeking the sun, our blooms turned always toward our southern neighbor’s yard. Experience further taught us the value of pinpointing the position of our southern neighbor’s trees. 

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